Harsh Mehta

Harsh Mehta
Founder & CEO
Work Better

Harsh Mehta founded Work Better, Inc. in 2015. Prior to establishing Work Better, he co-founded OfficeLinks in 2003. Mr. Mehta has quickly established Work Better as a leader in the 21st century workspace industry, growing the firm, which started with only a single floor, into six premier locations across Manhattan and Chicago.

An early thought-leader and agent of change within the workspace as a service category, Harsh is Work Better’s visionary. He draws upon a powerful combination of people, facilities and technology to provide workspace environments that enable people to be productive and where business thrives. His business ideas support this vision in the delivery of a wide range of smart products and services with a team approach for individuals who take their work seriously. As such, thousands of small to mid-sized and large firms use Work Better’s solution as a core tool to optimize performance, gain a competitive advantage and find great success, while calling Work Better home.

Mr. Mehta earned a BA in finance from Baruch College and early on decided to build his business in the same city where he was educated. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Global Workspace Association and was a founding member of the Workspace Association of New York.